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AWS Marketplace Enhanced Data Sharing Program

The focus of the AWS Marketplace Enhanced Data Sharing Program is to deliver buyer information, such as buyer email domain, AWS account ID, and location, on a daily and monthly basis to select AWS Marketplace sellers. The goal of delivering buyer information is to provide a framework for sellers to compensate their sales teams for AWS Marketplace subscription revenue. Sharing monthly billed revenue information, usage information, and disbursed funds information by buyer provides a mechanism to help you correctly map deals and opportunities to the appropriate sales representative by company, geography, and AWS account ID.

Requirements for participation

This program requires that the data is used only to activate and motivate AWS Marketplace seller field sales through formal sales compensation plans. For more information about the program, including how to enroll, contact us at .

Enrollment requirements include:

  • Annual pricing on all of your AWS Marketplace products.

  • Sales compensation plans for all AWS Marketplace subscription revenue (hourly, monthly, annual, or metering).

  • Formal announcement of an AWS Marketplace compensation plan.

  • Agreement to use enhanced data sharing program data according to the terms outlined in Use of the data.

Benefits for sellers

The benefits of enrolling in the enhanced data sharing program include:

  • It increases the collective number of sales representatives driving awareness and adoption of AWS Marketplace subscriptions for your products.

  • It provides incentive and compensation to your sales representatives working with AWS customers and prospects.

  • It provides you with customer data to assist in analyzing, growing, and compensating sales teams for AWS Marketplace sell-through.

  • It fosters a collaborative working relationship between the AWS sales and your sales team to better address customer needs.

Use of the data

The information shared with you as part of this program constitutes Amazon’s Confidential Information under our nondisclosure agreement with you or, if no such agreement exists, the Terms and Conditions for AWS Marketplace Sellers.  The purpose of our sharing this information is to allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and communicate commission payments to your employees.  You may use such information for the foregoing purpose, including by sharing such information with employees who have a need to know such information to understand the source of commissions payable to them, provided that your use and sharing of such information complies with the confidentiality obligations in the agreements specified above, including, without limitation, Section 3.8 of the Terms and Conditions for AWS Marketplace Sellers.