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SaaS Purchase Flow

With SaaS subscriptions and SaaS contracts, your customers subscribe to your products through AWS Marketplace, but access the product in your AWS environment. After subscribing to the product, your customer is directed to your website to register their account and configure the product.

When creating your product, you provide a URL to your registration landing page. We use that URL to redirect customers to your registration landing page after they subscribe using HTTPS. The registration landing page needs to be able to accept a token from AWS Marketplace with the customer’s identifier for billing. This page should look for x-amzn-marketplace-token in the form data. It should then pass the registration token value to our API to resolve for the unique customer identifier and corresponding product code. These values are used to interact with the AWS MarketplaceMetering Service and AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service APIs, so store them with the associated record. For more information, see ResolveCustomer in the AWS Marketplace Metering Service API.

On the registration landing page, you collect whatever information is required to create an account for the customer. We recommend collecting your customer’s email addresses if you plan to contact them via email for usage notifications.

Registration Process

Customers can find all of the products that they have active subscriptions for under Your Marketplace Software on the AWS Marketplace website when they are signed in to their account. This page contains a link to the page that customers use to sign in to your SaaS product.

Customers access your SaaS product directly through your website or portal using credentials that you manage and provide.


Customers cancel SaaS subscription products through the Your Marketplace Software page of the AWS Marketplace website. When a customer cancels a subscription, you receive a notification, and you have 1 hour to send a final metering record for the customer. You notify the customer from your product that the cancellation is in progress. If a customer indicates that they want to cancel through your product, direct the customer to AWS Marketplace. To guarantee that there will be no future charges, customers should confirm the cancellation with AWS Marketplace.

Customer can request a cancellation and refund for SaaS contract products though AWS Support. Customers must request refunds within 48 hours through AWS Support. The full or prorated refund (after some duration with the seller agreement) is typically be granted in 3–5 business days. When a customer cancels a contract, you receive a notification, and you have 1 hour to send a final metering record for the customer for any additional usage charges.

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