AWS Marketplace
User Guide for AWS Marketplace Providers

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Subscription Notifications

To receive notifications, you subscribe to the AWS Marketplace SNS topic provided to you during product creation. The topic provides notifications about changes to customers’ subscription and entitlement statuses. This enables you to know when to provide and revoke access for specific customers.

Subscribing an SQS Queue to the SNS Topic

We recommend subscribing an Amazon SQS queue to the provided SNS topic. Detailed instructions on creating an SQS queue can be found at Tutorial: Creating an Amazon SQS Queue. Instructions for subscribing the queue to the provided topic can be found at Tutorial: Subscribing an Amazon SQS Queue to an Amazon SNS Topic.

Polling the SQS Queue for Notifications

Finally, you need to define a service that continually polls the queue, looking for messages, and handling them accordingly.

Example of polling the SQS queue for notifications

Note: As a SaaS subscriptions seller, you must handle four actions: unsubscribe-success, subscribe- fail, unsubscribe-pending, and unsubscribe-success. As a SaaS contracts seller you will also get an entitlement-updated SNS notification to let you know that a customer’s contract has been created, updated, renewed, or expired.

Updating SaaS Products

Once your product is on AWS Marketplace, you are responsible for keeping the pricing and product information up-to-date. You make changes to your product page from the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. To make changes, from the Products tab choose SaaS. Then on the SaaS products page, you'll find your list of Current products. Choose the product you'd like to update from the list and submit your updated information.