UsageRecordResult - AWS Marketplace Metering Service


A UsageRecordResult indicates the status of a given UsageRecord processed by BatchMeterUsage.



In the following list, the required parameters are described first.


The MeteringRecordId is a unique identifier for this metering event.

Type: String

Required: No


The UsageRecordResult Status indicates the status of an individual UsageRecord processed by BatchMeterUsage.

  • Success- The UsageRecord was accepted and honored by BatchMeterUsage.

  • CustomerNotSubscribed- The CustomerIdentifier specified is not able to use your product. The UsageRecord was not honored. There are three causes for this result:

    • The customer identifier is invalid.

    • The customer identifier provided in the metering record does not have an active agreement or subscription with this product. Future UsageRecords for this customer will fail until the customer subscribes to your product.

    • The customer's AWS account was suspended.

  • DuplicateRecord- Indicates that the UsageRecord was invalid and not honored. A previously metered UsageRecord had the same customer, dimension, and time, but a different quantity.

Type: String

Valid Values: Success | CustomerNotSubscribed | DuplicateRecord

Required: No


The UsageRecord that was part of the BatchMeterUsage request.

Type: UsageRecord object

Required: No

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