Document history for API reference - AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Document history for API reference

The following table describes the documentation for this release of AWS Elemental MediaConnect.

Change Description Date
Maintenance windows You can now view and configure when flows will be restarted for routine maintenance using maintenance windows. March 22, 2022
Fujitsu-QoS sources and outputs You can now use the Fujitsu-QoS protocol for sources and outputs to transport content to and from Fujitsu devices. December 20, 2021
Source failover When you enable source failover, you can now specify one of two sources as the primary source. You can choose between two failover modes to prevent any disruption to the video stream. June 11, 2021
CDI workflows MediaConnect now supports JPEG-XS for AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) uncompressed workflows. May 17, 2021
Listener address For flows that use Listener protocols, you can now easily locate an output's outbound IP address for a private internet. April 14, 2021
SRT You can now use the SRT-listener protocol on sources and outputs. March 16, 2021
Reservations You can now purchase reservations, which provide a disconted hourly rate in exchange for a commitment to use a specific amount of outbound bandwidth each month over the course of a specified duration. September 30, 2020
Disabling entitlements You can now disable an entitlement to temporarily stop streaming content to the subscriber’s flow. When you're ready to reinstate access, you can enable the entitlement. July 24, 2020
VPC outputs You can now add an output to send content from your MediaConnect flow to your VPC without going over the public internet. April 7, 2020
VPC sources You can now connect your VPC to your MediaConnect flow and send content to your flow without going over the public internet. March 31, 2020
Source failover You can now enable source failover and add a second (redundant) source to your flow. March 13, 2020
Service quotas (outputs) You can now add up to 50 outputs to each flow. February 7, 2020
Sharing the entitlement data transfer fee with the subscriber When you create an entitlement, you can now specify the percentage of the entitlement data transfer fee that you want the subscriber to be responsible for. September 16, 2019
RIST You can now use the RIST protocol on sources and outputs. September 11, 2019
Zixi pull You can now use the Zixi pull protocol on outputs. July 26, 2019
SPEKE support You can now use SPEKE for encryption of entitlements. June 25, 2019
Tagging You can now tag, untag, and view tags for existing MediaConnect resources. February 4, 2019
New service and guide This is the initial release of the media ingest and transport service, AWS Elemental MediaConnect, and the MediaConnect API Reference. November 27, 2018