AWS Elemental MediaConnect
User Guide

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AWS CLI Commands for AWS Elemental MediaConnect

The following table shows the AWS CLI commands that you can use to create or modify flows in AWS Elemental MediaConnect.

Command Applies to Description
Entitlements grant-flow-entitlements Grants entitlements on a flow.
Entitlements list-entitlements Displays a list of all entitlements that have been granted to this account.
Entitlements revoke-flow-entitlement Revokes the specified entitlement from a flow. After an entitlement is revoked, the content becomes unavailable to the subscriber and the associated output is removed.
Entitlements update-flow-entitlement Updates the specified entitlement on the specified flow. You can change an entitlement's description, subscriber account ID, and encryption. If you change the subscriber account ID, the service removes the output that was generated when the original subscriber set up their flow.
Flows create-flow Creates a flow.
Flows delete-flow Deletes a flow. You must stop a flow before you can delete it.
Flows describe-flow Retrieves information about a flow in your account.
Flows list-flows Lists all the flows that are associated with your account.
Flows start-flow Starts a flow.
Flows stop-flow Stops a flow.
Outputs add-flow-outputs Adds outputs to a flow.
Outputs remove-flow-output Removes the specified outputs from a flow.
Outputs update-flow-output Updates the specified output of a flow.
Source update-flow-source Updates the source of a flow.