Data protection for AWS Elemental MediaConnect - AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Data protection for AWS Elemental MediaConnect

You can protect your data using tools that are provided by AWS. AWS Elemental MediaConnect can decrypt your incoming video (source) and encrypt your outgoing video (outputs and entitlements).

You have two options for encrypting content in transit:

  • Static key encryption: You can use this option to encrypt sources, outputs, and entitlements. You store your encryption key in AWS Secrets Manager, and then you give MediaConnect permission to obtain the encryption key from Secrets Manager.

    Advantages: You have full control over storage of the encryption key for your account. The key is stored in AWS Secrets Manager, where you can access it any time.

    Challenges: All parties (the owners of the source, the flow, any outputs, and any entitlements) need the encryption key. If the content is shared using an entitlement, both the originator and the subscriber must store the encryption key in AWS Secrets Manager. If the encryption key changes, you must notify all parties of the new key.

  • Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE): You can use this option to encrypt content that is sent through an entitlement. You partner with a conditional access (CA) platform key provider who manages and provides encryption keys. Then you give Amazon API Gateway permission to act as a proxy between the CA platform key provider and your AWS account.

    Advantages: The content originator has full control over access to the encryption key. As the content originator, you partner with your CA platform key provider who manages the encryption key, but you don't handle the key itself and you don't share it with any other parties. Depending on the capabilities of your key provider, this option allows you to assign time limitations to an encryption key or revoke the key entirely. The subscriber doesn't need to set up encryption. This information is automatically provided through the entitlement.

    Challenges: You must work with a third party (the key provider).


Encryption is supported only for entitlements, for sources that use the Zixi protocol, and for outputs that use the Zixi protocol.