Starting a flow - AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Starting a flow

After you create a flow, you must start the flow. You can also stop and restart a flow at any time.

To start a flow (console)
  1. Open the MediaConnect console at

  2. On the Flows page, choose the name of the flow that you want to start.

    The details page for that flow appears.

  3. Choose Start.

To start a flow (AWS CLI)
  • In the AWS CLI, use the start-flow command:

    aws mediaconnect start-flow --flow-arn arn:aws:mediaconnect:us-east-1:111122223333:flow:1-23aBC45dEF67hiJ8-12AbC34DE5fG:BasketballGame --profile PMprofile

    The following example shows the return value:

    { "FlowArn": "arn:aws:mediaconnect:us-east-1:111122223333:flow:1-23aBC45dEF67hiJ8-12AbC34DE5fG:BasketballGame", "Status": "STARTING" }