Getting started with AWS Elemental MediaConnect - AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Getting started with AWS Elemental MediaConnect

This Getting Started tutorial shows you how to use AWS Elemental MediaConnect to create and share flows. The tutorial is based on a scenario where you want to do all of the following:

  • Ingest a live video stream of an awards show that is taking place in New York City.

  • Distribute your video to an affiliate in Boston who does not have an AWS account, and wants content sent to their on-premises encoder.

  • Share your video with an affiliate in Philadelphia who wants to use their AWS account to distribute the video to their three local stations.


Before you can use AWS Elemental MediaConnect, you need an AWS account and the appropriate permissions to access, view, and edit MediaConnect components. Complete the steps in Setting up AWS Elemental MediaConnect, and then return to this tutorial.

Step 1: Access AWS Elemental MediaConnect

After you set up your AWS account and create IAM roles, you sign in to the console for AWS Elemental MediaConnect.

To access AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Step 2: Create a flow

First, you create an AWS Elemental MediaConnect flow to ingest your video from your on-premises encoder into the AWS Cloud. For the purposes of this tutorial, we use the following details:

  • Flow name: AwardsNYCShow

  • Source name: AwardsNYCSource

  • Source protocol: Zixi push

  • Zixi stream ID: ZixiAwardsNYCFeed

  • CIDR block sending the content:

  • Source encryption: None

To create a flow
  1. On the Flows page, choose Create flow.

  2. In the Details section, for Name, enter AwardsNYCShow.

  3. For Availability Zone, choose Any.

  4. In the Source section, for Source type select Standard source.

  5. For Name, enter AwardsNYCSource.

  6. For Protocol, choose Zixi push. AWS Elemental MediaConnect will populate the value of the ingest port.

  7. For Stream ID, enter ZixiAwardsNYCFeed.

  8. For Allowlist CIDR, enter

  9. Choose Create flow.

Step 3: Add an output

To send content to your affiliate in Boston, you must add an output to your flow. This output will send your video to your Boston affiliate's on-premises encoder. For the purposes of this tutorial, we use the following details:

  • Output name: AwardsNYCOutput

  • Output protocol: Zixi push

  • Zixi stream ID: ZixiAwardsOutput

  • IP address of the Boston affiliate's on-premises encoder:

  • Output encryption: None

To add an output
  1. On the Flows page, choose the AwardsNYCShow flow.

  2. Choose the Outputs tab.

  3. Choose Add output.

  4. For Name, enter AwardsNYCOutput.

  5. For Output type, select Standard output.

  6. For Protocol, choose Zixi push.

  7. For Stream ID, enter ZixiAwardsOutput.

  8. For Destination IP address, enter

  9. For Port, enter 1024.

  10. Choose Add output.

Step 4: Grant an entitlement

You must grant an entitlement to allow your Philadelphia affiliate to use your content as the source for their AWS Elemental MediaConnect flow. For purposes of this tutorial, we use the following details:

  • Entitlement name: PhillyTeam

  • Philadelphia affiliate's AWS account ID: 222233334444

  • Output encryption: None

To grant an entitlement
  1. Choose the Entitlements tab.

  2. Choose Grant entitlement.

  3. For Name, enter PhillyTeam.

  4. For Subscriber, enter 222233334444.

  5. Choose Grant entitlement.

Step 5: Share details with your affiliates

Now that you've created your AWS Elemental MediaConnect flow with an output for your Boston affiliate and an entitlement for your Philadelphia affiliate, you need to communicate details about the flow.

Your Boston affiliate will receive the flow on their on-premises encoder. The details of where to send your video stream were provided by your Boston affiliate, and you don't need to provide any other information. After you start your flow, the content will be sent to the IP address that you specified when you created the flow.

Your Philadelphia affiliate must create their own AWS Elemental MediaConnect flow, using your flow as the source. You must provide the following information to your Philadelphia affiliate:

  • Entitlement ARN: You can find this value on the Entitlement tab of the AwardsNYCShow flow details page.

  • Region: This is the AWS Region that you created the AwardsNYCShow flow in.

Step 6: Clean up

To avoid extraneous charges, be sure to delete all unnecessary flows. You must stop the flow before it can be deleted.

To stop your flow
  1. On the Flows page, choose the AwardsNYCShow flow.

    The details page for the AwardsNYCShow flow appears.

  2. Choose Stop.

To delete your flow
  1. On the AwardsNYCShow flow details page, choose Delete.

    A confirmation message appears.

  2. Choose Delete flow.