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Key Management in AWS Elemental MediaConnect

You can protect your content from unauthorized use through encryption. Store your encryption keys in AWS Secrets Manager, and then give AWS Elemental MediaConnect permission to obtain the encryption keys from your Secrets Manager account.

You must store your encryption keys if any of the following apply:

  • You want to create a flow that uses an encrypted source

  • You want to create a flow based on an entitlement that uses encryption

  • You want to encrypt the output of your flow

Storing Encryption Keys in AWS Secrets Manager

The Secrets Manager secret that stores your encryption keys must be created using the same AWS account that creates the flow. AWS Elemental MediaConnect does not support cross-account sharing of secrets.


You must create the secret in the same AWS Region as your flow. If you are using two flows to distribute video from one AWS Region to another, you must create two secrets: one secret in each Region.

To store encryption keys in Secrets Manager (console)

  1. Sign in to the AWS Secrets Manager console at

  2. Choose Store a new secret.

  3. In the Select secret type section, choose Other type of secrets.

  4. In the Specify the key/value pairs to be stored in this secret section, choose Plaintext.

  5. Clear any text in the box and replace it with the password value.

  6. Keep the Select the encryption key set to DefaultEncryptionKey.

  7. Choose Next.

  8. For Secret name, specify a name for your password. For example, 2018-12-01_baseball-game-source.

  9. Choose Next.

  10. In the Configure automatic rotation section, choose Disable automatic rotation.

  11. Choose Next, and then choose Store.

    The details page for your new secret appears, showing information such as the secret ARN. You will need this value when you create a flow that uses the encryption key that you just stored.

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