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Change Description Date
Additional captions formats

Per-input graphic image overlay

Motion graphic image overlay

Added input caption format support for SCTE-20 and SMI. Added output caption format support for SCTE-20 + Embedded, Embedded + SCTE-20, SMI, and SMPTE-TT.

You can now now specify graphic overlays (inserted images) on individual inputs.

You can now overlay motion graphics over your video.

Nov 23, 2018
Reserved transcoding queues Reserved transcoding allows customers who have consistent video volume to benefit from lower rates in exchange for longer term commitments. Sept 27, 2018
Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) Encoding Introduces an encoding mode where the service automatically determines how many bits to use for each portion of the video to maintain constant quality. Aug 13, 2018
Tagging and cost allocation Add support for tagging and integration with cost allocation on AWS July 2, 2018
New CMAF output group cmafGroupSettings and its children added to schema, under OutputGroupSettings. June 12, 2018
New Getting Started Using SDKs or CLI Added chapter that shows how to get your custom endpoint and send MediaConvert requests to it. Includes examples in various programming languages. May 17, 2018
New AWS Elemental MediaConvert service release Initial documentation for the AWS Elemental MediaConvert service. November 27, 2017