User Guide

QuickTime Captions Track or Captions in MXF VANC Data (Ancillary)

If your input captions are in either of the following formats, the service handles them as "ancillary" data:

  • QuickTime captions track (format QTCC)

  • MXF VANC data

MediaConvert does not create output captions in these formats, but you can convert them to a supported output format.

For ancillary captions

  • Create one captions selector per track that you will use in your outputs.

  • In each captions selector, for Source, choose Ancillary.

  • In each captions selector, for CC channel, choose the channel number for the track that is associated with the selector.

    For example, the input captions have English in CC channel 1 and Spanish in CC channel 2. To use these captions, create Captions selector 1, and then choose 1 in the CC channel dropdown list. Next, create Captions selector 2, and then choose 2 in the CC channel dropdown list.