AWS Elemental MediaConvert
User Guide

QuickTime Captions Track or Captions in MXF VANC Data (Ancillary)

If your input captions are in either of the following formats, the service handles them as "ancillary" data:

  • QuickTime captions track (format QTCC)

  • MXF VANC data

AWS Elemental MediaConvert does not create output captions in these formats, but you can convert them to a supported output format.

For ancillary captions

  • Create one captions selector per language that you will use in your outputs.

  • In each captions selector, for Source, choose Ancillary.

  • In each captions selector, for CC channel, choose the channel number for the language that is associated with the selector.

    For example, the input captions have English in CC channel 1 and Spanish in CC channel 2. To use these captions, create Captions selector 1, and then choose 1 in the CC channel dropdown list. Next, create Captions selector 2, and then choose 2 in the CC channel dropdown list.