Using EventBridge with AWS Elemental MediaConvert - MediaConvert

Using EventBridge with AWS Elemental MediaConvert

You can use Amazon EventBridge to monitor your AWS Elemental MediaConvert jobs. Here are some examples of what you can do with EventBridge:

Get details about your job outputs

AWS Elemental MediaConvert provides details about your job outputs in the notification for the COMPLETE event. This information includes the location and file names of the job's media files and manifests. For details, see Events with COMPLETE status.

For information about job metrics sent to Amazon CloudWatch, see Using CloudWatch with MediaConvert.

Set up email notifications for job status changes

To set up an EventBridge event rule, see Tutorial: Setting up email notifications for failed jobs.

For a list of all job status change notifications that you can set up event rules for, see List of MediaConvert EventBridge events.

Monitor the progress of your job

STATUS_UPDATE events provide information about what phase your job is in (PROBING, TRANSCODING, and UPLOADING). For some jobs, MediaConvert provides an estimate of how far your job has progressed. This estimate is shown as a percentage of the total time from when your job leaves its queue to when your output files appear in your output Amazon S3 bucket.

For more information about STATUS_UPDATE events, see the table of event types in List of MediaConvert EventBridge events.

For information about adjusting the frequency of status updates, see Adjust the status update interval.

Automatically initiate post-processing with an AWS Lambda function

You can set up EventBridge so that an AWS Lambda function initiates your post-processing code after your job finishes. For more information about using AWS Lambda with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, see one of these resources:

Get details about jobs you create or other MediaConvert operations

By default, MediaConvert does not emit an EventBridge event for new jobs that you create or any other MediaConvert operation that you perform. To receive EventBridge events in these cases, you first must create an AWS CloudTrail trail.

For more information, see Working with CloudTrail trails.


EventBridge delivers each event from the MediaConvert event stream at least once.

MediaConvert does not require any additional permissions to deliver events to EventBridge.