Feature restrictions for automated ABR - MediaConvert

Feature restrictions for automated ABR

Jobs that include automated ABR output groups are restricted in the following ways:

  • You must use an on-demand queue. You can't use a reserved queue.

  • You can enable automated ABR in jobs and job templates only. You can't use automated ABR in output presets.

  • In a job that includes an automated ABR output group, all ABR output groups must use automated ABR.

  • Your output video codec must be AVC (H.264) or HEVC (H.265).

  • You must specify these required settings when you create your JSON job specification manually. The AWS Elemental MediaConvert console sets them for you when you enable automated ABR.

    • Set qualityTuningLevel to MULTI_PASS_HQ.

    • Set rateControlMode to QVBR.