File group with a frame capture output - MediaConvert

File group with a frame capture output

A frame capture output is an output that you set up to create .jpeg still images of each I-frame in your video. You set it up like a regular File group output group, except that you remove the audio component, choose No container for the container, and then choose Frame capture to JPEG for the video codec.


You can create frame capture outputs only in jobs that also have a regular audio and video output. MediaConvert doesn't support jobs that consist only of a frame capture output.

When you create a frame capture output, the JobResult includes the outputFilePaths property, which tells you the file name and path of the final captured image.


Because the service includes automatic numbering in the frame capture file names, you can infer all the image names from the final one. For example, if your outputFilePaths value is s3://bucket/frameoutput/file.0000036.jpg, you can infer that there are 35 other images in the same location, named file.0000001, file.0000002, and so on.

The following example shows a CloudWatch Events JobResult notification, with output file path information, for a file group with a frame capture output.

{ "account": "111122223333", "region": "us-west-2", "detail": { "status": "COMPLETE", "outputGroupDetails": [ { "outputDetails": [ { "outputFilePaths": [ "s3://bucket/frameoutput/file.0000036.jpg" ], "durationInMs": 185000, "videoDetails": { "widthInPx": 1280, "heightInPx": 534 } } ], "type": "FILE_GROUP" }, { "outputDetails": [ { "outputFilePaths": [ "s3://bucket/file/file.mp4" ], "durationInMs": 180041, "videoDetails": { "widthInPx": 1280, "heightInPx": 534 } } ], "type": "FILE_GROUP" } ], "timestamp": 1536962166536, "jobId": "1536962115049-g58xc4", "queue": "arn:aws:mediaconvert:us-west-2:111122223333:queues/Default", "userMetadata": {}, "accountId": "111122223333" }, "detail-type": "MediaConvert Job State Change", "source": "aws.mediaconvert", "version": "0", "time": "2018-09-14T21:56:06Z", "id": "cd06e4d1-f663-9b04-48d6-ec2a97cbe54a", "resources": [ "arn:aws:mediaconvert:us-west-2:111122223333:jobs/1536962115049-g58xc4" ] }