User Guide

Gathering Required Captions Information

Before you set up captions in your job, note the following information:

  • The input captions format. You must have this information ahead of time; MediaConvert does not read this from your input files.

  • The languages from the input captions that you intend to use in any of your outputs.

  • The output packages and files that you intend to create with the job. For information about specifying the output package or file type, see Structuring Complex Jobs in AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

  • The output captions format that you intend to use in each output.

    For supported output captions based on your input container, input captions format, and output container, see Captions Support Tables by Output Container Type.

  • The output captions languages that you intend to include for each output. If you pass through teletext-to-teletext, all languages in the input are available in the output. Otherwise, the languages that you include in an output might be a subset of the languages that are available in the input.