User Guide

Including SCTE-35 Markers in an Output

You can include any SCTE-35 markers from your input in any output that has an MPEG-2 container. These outputs might be in an HLS package or they might be standalone files.

To pass through SCTE-35 markers from the input to an output:

  1. Open the MediaConvert console at

  2. Choose Create new job.

  3. Set up your input, output groups, and outputs for video and audio, as described in Setting Up a Job in AWS Elemental MediaConvert and Structuring Complex Jobs in AWS Elemental MediaConvert.


    SCTE-35 markers are only present in transport stream inputs, such as MPEG-2 files. You can only include them in MPEG-2 container outputs. These outputs can be either standalone files or part of an HLS package.

  4. Choose an output under either File group or Apple HLS.

  5. Under Container settings (for File group outputs) or Transport stream settings (for Apple HLS outputs), find SCTE-35 source and choose Passthrough.

  6. Optionally, under SCTE-35 PID, enter a different value from the default 500.

    A PID, or packet identifier, is an identifier for a set of data in an MPEG-2 transport stream container. PIDs are used by downstream systems and players to locate specific information in the container.