User Guide

AWS Elemental MediaConvert Events

AWS Elemental MediaConvert sends change events about the status of jobs to CloudWatch Events. You can create CloudWatch Events rules for any of the following events.

Job Status Change Events

Event Sent When Contains


A job moves from the SUBMITTED state to the PROGRESSING state.

Time in queue.


Approximately one minute has elapsed since MediaConvert began processing the job. By default, updates are sent approximately every minute after that, until the service completes the transcode or encounters an error.

You can optionally specify a different update frequency in your job, with the Status update interval setting. For more frequent updates than the default, you can choose 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 seconds. For less frequent updates than the default, you can choose anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes, in increments of one minute.

The phase your job is in, and, when available, job percent completion.

Job phases are as folllows:

  • During PROBING, the service reads information about the input in preparation to begin the transcode.

  • During TRANSCODING, the service demuxes, decodes, encodes, and remuxes your content. In some jobs, the service begins uploading outputs to your output Amazon S3 bucket during this phase as well. The phase ends when all transcoding is complete.

  • During UPLOADING, the service uploads the remaining transcoded outputs to your Amazon S3 bucket.


A job completes successfully. MediaConvert generated all outputs without errors.

Warnings and output information about the completed job.


A job has an error. At least one output has an error.

The error code or codes and any messages, as well as warnings or any other ephemeral job information about the job's error status.


Soon after MediaConvert begins processing the job.

Media information, such as frame height and width, framerate, and codec.

MediaConvert includes information for all inputs in a single event.