User Guide

Tutorial: Setting Up Email Notifications for Failed Jobs

In this tutorial, you configure a CloudWatch Events event rule that captures events when a job status changes to ERROR and then notifies you about the event. To do this, you first create a topic in Amazon SNS that will send you an email notification about the failed job. Next, you create a rule in CloudWatch Events by defining an event source and referencing the Amazon SNS topic (the "target"), as shown in the following illustration.

                    This CloudWatch Events rule brings together a job event that has an error and an
                        Amazon SNS topic. The CloudWatch Events rule is represented by a rectangle that reads "Rule:
                        Send me an email when one of my jobs has an error." Inside that rectangle
                        are two rectangles, one representing the target and one representing the
                        event source. The target rectangle reads "Target, Amazon SNS Topic: Use my SNS
                        topic that sends an email to the address I provide." The event source
                        rectangle reads "Event Source: AWS Elemental MediaConvert says one of my
                        jobs has an error."