User Guide

Purchasing Transcoding Capacity for an Existing Reserved Queue

After your initial pricing plan term for reserved transcode slots (RTS) expires, your reserved queue persists without the capacity to run transcoding jobs. You can send jobs to the queue, but AWS Elemental MediaConvert doesn't process them. To begin processing jobs through the queue again, you can set up a new pricing plan, which requires a new 12-month commitment.

To purchase transcoding capacity for an existing reserved queue

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Elemental MediaConvert console at

  2. On the navigation bar of the MediaConvert console, choose the Region where you created the reserved queue.

							Choose a Region.
  3. Choose the three-bar icon on the left to access the left navigation pane.

  4. Choose Queues.

  5. On the Queues page, in the Reserved queues section, choose Actions, Purchase additional capacity.

  6. On the Purchase additional capacity page, in the Commitment to purchase additional capacity section, specify the total number of RTS for the queue.

  7. Select the I agree check box to confirm your intention to make a 12-month commitment. AWS bills you monthly for the RTS.


    After you commit to your pricing plan, you can’t cancel it.

  8. Choose Purchase additional capacity.

  9. On the Purchase additional capacity confirmation page, review the details of your pricing plan, and then choose Purchase.