Setting the Priority of a Job - MediaConvert

Setting the Priority of a Job

You can specify a job's place in a queue by setting its priority in the job settings when you create the job. AWS Elemental MediaConvert processes jobs in each queue in order of priority, starting with the highest number. If more than one job has the highest value for priority, MediaConvert chooses among them by selecting the one that you submitted first.

MediaConvert doesn't stop the current job when you submit a job with a higher priority. When the running job is finished, MediaConvert starts the next job based on its relative priority in the queue.


MediaConvert doesn't currently support the job priority feature in the Europe (Stockholm) Region.

To set the priority for a job (console)

  1. Set up your job as described in Setting Up a Job in AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

  2. On the Create job page, in the Job pane on the left, in the Job settings section, choose Settings.

  3. In the Job settings section on the right, for Priority, enter a number from -50 to 50. MediaConvert processes jobs with the highest value for Priority first. If you don't specify a value, MediaConvert assigns the default value of 0.

To set the priority for a job (API, SDK, and AWS CLI)

  • Set up your JSON job specification. Either manually edit your JSON file, or use the console to generate it as follows:

    1. Follow the previous procedure for the console.

    2. In the Job pane on the left, under Job settings, choose Show job JSON.

    The JSON job specification has the value for the job's priority in the property priority. This property is a direct child of job, which is the top level of the JSON job specification. Set the value of priority to an integer in the range from -50 to 50, inclusive. The default value is 0.