User Guide

Adjusting the Input Timecode Setting

The value for Timecode source that you specify in the input settings affects how the service synchronizes audio and captions that you provide in a file that is separate from the video. It also affects how the service interprets the timecodes that you provide for input clipping. For information about input clipping, see Transcoding Only a Portion of Your Input (Input Clipping).

To adjust the Timecode source setting

  1. On the Create job page, in the Job pane on the left, choose an input.

  2. Under Video selector, Timecode source, specify whether MediaConvert reads timecodes from the input or generates them starting from zero. Options are as follows:

    • Embedded: The service uses any timecodes embedded in the input video.


      Don't choose this value unless your input video has embedded timecodes.

    • Start at 0: The service sets the timecode of the first frame of the job to 00:00:00:00.

    • Specified start: Do not use this option.

    Regardless of the source, timecodes are in the following 24-hour format with a frame number: HH:MM:SS:FF.

    If you use the API or an SDK, you can find this setting in the JSON file of your job, called TimecodeSource, located in Settings, Inputs.