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Step 5: Upload Files for Transcoding

AWS Elemental MediaConvert can take in your input files from Amazon S3 or from a server through HTTP or HTTPS.

To upload files to an S3 bucket

  1. In the Buckets pane, choose the name of your input bucket.

  2. Choose Upload.

  3. In the Upload dialog box, choose Add files, and then upload a media file that you want to transcode.

  4. Choose Upload.

HTTP Input Requirements

When your input file source is HTTP, you specify the URL rather than an Amazon S3 path. Requirements for using HTTP for input are as follows:

  • The HTTP server must be public.

  • The HTTP server must not require authentication.

  • You can use HTTP for your primary video source, but not for sidecar captions, sidecar audio, or graphic overlays.

  • The URL that you specify must be a direct link to your file; MediaConvert doesn't follow redirects.

  • The URL that you specify can't be a pre-signed URL.

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