User Guide

Using Output Presets to Specify the Outputs of Your AWS Elemental MediaConvert Job

When you specify the outputs of your MediaConvert job, you can use an output preset instead of choosing each output setting separately.

To specify a job output using an output preset

  1. Create a job in the usual way, as described in Create a Job.

  2. Create output groups as described in Step 3: Create Output Groups.


    Many jobs have one output for each type of device that will play the video created by the job.

  3. On the Create job page, in the Job pane on the left, choose an output. Outputs are listed in the Output groups section, under their output group.

  4. In the Output settings pane, choose an output preset from the Preset dropdown list.


    The Preset dropdown list shows only the presets that work with the type of output group that the output is in.

  5. For Name modifier, type a set of characters that will distinguish the files created from this output. For example, you might use -DASH-lo-res for the output in your DASH output group that has the lowest resolution.

  6. Repeat these steps for each output in your job that you want to specify with a preset.

  7. Finish creating the job as described in Create a Job.