Step 4: Create the audio outputs - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Step 4: Create the audio outputs

Follow this procedure for each audio encode in the HLS output group.

This procedure involves the following fields in the output section of the HLS output group the Channel page in the console:

  • Output settingsHLS settings

  • Output settingsHLS settings Audio track type

  • Output settingsHLS settingsAudio group ID

  • Output settingsHLS settingsSegment type

To create each audio output

  1. In the HLS output group, in HLS outputs, choose Add output. Choose Settings to display the Outputs page for that output.

  2. In the Output page, set up as follows:

    • In Stream settings, choose Video 1 and choose Remove video. The output now contains only an audio encode. In an output group that includes audio rendition groups, each audio encode must each be in its own output.

    • Set up the rest of the stream settings in the usual way.

  3. Complete the Output settings section as follows:

    • For HLS settings, choose Audio only hls. More fields appear.

    • For Audio track type, choose the value you decided on for this audio encode when you determined the default.

    • For Audio group ID, enter the name of the rendition group that you want this audio encode to belong to. For example, enter AAC group. One audio encode can belong to only one rendition group.

    • For Segment type, choose AAC.

    Ignore Audio only image. This field does not apply to audio rendition groups.