AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

About Archive Locations and File Names

The location of archive output files is controlled by several fields in the Archive output group and the individual outputs:

  • The two URL fields in the Archive group destinations section. The URL consists of a protocol portion, a path portion and a base filename portion.

    For example, assume that the URL is s3ssl://interviews/3series/Delivery/3633_WangXiuLan.

    s3ssl:// is the protocol. The protocol is always s3ssl://, to indicate that the destination is an Amazon S3 bucket.

  • interviews/3series/Delivery/ is the path. The path is required and consists of a bucket and folders, terminated by a slash.

    3633_WangXiuLan is the base file name. Do not terminate the base file name with a slash.

  • The Name modifier field in the Archive outputs section. Required. The string forms part of the file name.

  • The Extension field in the Archive outputs section. The extension for the file name. Required only if you don't want to use the default (.ts).

  • The Rollover interval field in the Archive settings section. Required. For example, 600 divides the output into separate files, each 600 seconds (10 minutes) long. Each file name includes a six-digit sequential counter, such as 000000, 000001, and so on.

    Each time the rollover expires, MediaLive closes the current file on Amazon S3 and starts a new file. The current file is visible on Amazon S3 only after it has closed.

The values from these fields are put together to form the location:

protocol path base_filename name_modifier sequential_counter extension

For more information, see the examples.