About automatic input failover - AWS Elemental MediaLive

About automatic input failover

Eligible inputs

You can set up two push inputs as a failover pair. See Supported input types and upstream systems for a list of push inputs in MediaLive.

Identical input type

Both inputs in the failover pair must be the same input type. For example, they must both be RTMP inputs.

MediaLive supports only one Elemental Link input in a channel. Therefore, although Elemental Link inputs are push inputs, you can't set up a failover pair with this type of input.

Single-input channels

In a workflow with only one content source, you can set up for automatic input failover if the content is a push source. You create two inputs that connect to that single source, then set up the two inputs in a failover pair.

If your workflow has only one content source but it is a pull source, you can't set up for automatic input failover.

Multiple-input channels

In a workflow with multiple inputs (meaning that you plan to switch among different inputs), you can set up for automatic input failover if you have only one push source. You create two push inputs that connect to the same source, then set up those two inputs in a failover pair.

The other inputs must all be pull inputs. You can't attach another push input because you've used up your push input quota on the failover pair.

Identical sources

The two inputs in the pair must contain identical content—the video, the audio, and captions must have identical characteristics.

Coordination with your upstream system

Contact the upstream system to determine if they are capable of sending two source streams for the relevant input. If the upstream system can't provide two sources, you can't implement automatic input failover.

Automatic input failover and pipeline redundancy

You can implement both automatic input failover and pipeline redundancy (standard channel). If you implement both features, the source requirements are different: you need four sources from the upstream system—two for each input, and two for each pipeline.

Implementing both features provides more resiliency:

  • With automatic input failover, when an input fails (the Availability Zone fails), only one flow to the pipeline fails. MediaLive switches to the other flow.

  • With a standard channel, when a pipeline fails, output continues on the other pipeline.

The following procedures describe how to set up for both scenarios—automatic input failover in a single-pipeline channel, and automatic input failover in a standard channel.