Output groups and outputs - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Output groups and outputs

Setting up output groups

You can create an audio-only output in the following types of output groups.

  • HLS

  • Microsoft Smooth

  • RTMP

  • UDP

Setting up outputs

The following list describes the number and type of required outputs, based on the output group.

HLS output group

Create outputs in the output group as follows:

  • If the output group contains only one audio encode, then create one output. Set the container type to Audio-only.

  • If the output group contains more than one audio encode, then set up an audio rendition group that doesn't include video. See Audio rendition groups for HLS.

Microsoft Smooth output group

Create one output for each audio encode.

RTMP output groups

Create one output for the single audio encode. (RTMP always supports only one audio in each output group.)

UDP output groups

Create one output for all the audio encodes.