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Payload for an Activate Image Action

For information about the meaning and values for the fields in the following JSON, see the AWS Elemental MediaLive API Reference:

{ "ChannelId": "string", "Creates": { "ScheduleActions": [ { "ScheduleActionStartSettings": { "FixedModeScheduleActionStartSettings": { "Time": "string" } }, "ActionName": "string", "ScheduleActionSettings": { "StaticImageActivateSettings": { "Duration": "integer", "Image": { "PasswordParam": "string", "Uri": "string", "Username": "string" }, "FadeOut": "integer", "ImageY": "integer", "FadeIn": "integer", "ImageX": "integer", "Width": "integer", "Opacity": "integer", "Layer": "integer", "Height": "integer" } } } ] } }


This example of a request creates an image overlay using a file that is stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. The request doesn't include a duration and therefore doesn't include a fadeout. Instead, the intention is to send a separate deactivate request at the appropriate time. All the times are in milliseconds, and all the positioning values are in pixels:

{ "ChannelId": "999999", "Creates": { "ScheduleActions": [ { "ScheduleActionStartSettings": { "FixedModeScheduleActionStartSettings": { "Time": "2018-05-21T20:42:19.000Z" } }, "ActionName": "corporate_logo_030", "ScheduleActionSettings": { "StaticImageActivateSettings": { "Image": { "PasswordParam": "corplogo!2312", "Uri": "s3ssl://logos/corporate/high-res.bmp", "Username": "medialiveoperator" }, "ImageY": 300, "FadeIn": 1500, "ImageX": 200, "Width": 800, "Opacity": 60, "Layer": 1, "Height": 900 } } } ] } }

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