Options for handling color space - MediaLive

Options for handling color space

All video belongs to a specific color space. The color space defines the range of color for the video. Video can include color space metadata. This metadata provides information about the color space. When the color space metadata is missing, the video still has a color space, but it is impossible for a video processor such as MediaLive to manipulate the color space.

You can control how MediaLive takes the color space and color space metadata in a video source and manipulates it in the video output.

You can set up each output video encode to handle the color space in different ways:

Option Handling of color space

Handling of color space metadata

Pass through and include Pass through Pass through (corrected or original)
Pass through and remove Pass through Remove
Convert and include Convert Generate new color space metadata
Convert and remove Convert Remove

Scope of handling in outputs

You can set up each output in the channel for different handling. For example, you can set up one output to convert the color space to HDR10, set up one output to convert to HLG, and set up another output to pass through the color space. For more information, see Passing through the color space and Converting the color space .