Step 1: Assess the color space metadata in the sources - MediaLive

Step 1: Assess the color space metadata in the sources

Before you can set up the outputs, you must determine if you need to modify the color space metadata in the inputs. To make this decision, you must assess the quality of the metadata in the inputs.


The handling on the input side of the event is about changing the color space metadata, not changing the color space itself. The handling is about changing the metadata to correctly identify the color space in the input, in preparation for the planned handling in the outputs.

The conversion of the video to a different color space occurs in Configuring color space handling in each output.

To assess the inputs
  1. You should have already obtained information about the accuracy of the color space metadata in all the inputs.

  2. Make a note of the presence and accuracy of the metadata for all the color spaces in all the inputs.

    The color space metadata is accurate if the following applies:

    • It is present in the input and it accurately identifies the color space, which means that the color space is accurately marked.

    The color space metadata might be present, but it might be inaccurate in one or more ways:

    • Incorrect: The metadata doesn't match the color space.

    • Unknown: The metadata marks the color space as unknown.

    • Not supported: The metadata specifies a color space that MediaLive doesn't support. MediaLive doesn't read this metadata.

    • Missing: All or part of the video might not have color space metadata.

  3. This step applies only for the following situation:

    • The input is for a MediaLive device such as AWS Elemental Link.

    • The input color space is HDR10.

    • You plan to pass through the color space to the output.

    Obtain the values for the Max CLL and Max FALL for the content.

    MediaLive can't read the metadata from an AWS Elemental Link device. But you will be able to enter the color space and the display metadata (Max CLL and Max FALL) manually, in the channel configuration.

    You don't need these values if you plan to convert this input from HDR10 to another color space.