Creating an input - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Creating an input

To provide information about the source of the video asset, you must create an AWS Elemental MediaLive input.

Getting ready

Before you create any input, you should plan the workflow. Read the following sections:

  • Preparing the upstream and downstream systems in the MediaLive workflow – You must set up for delivery from the upstream system. The task of creating an input is part of that delivery setup. Before you can create the input, you must coordinate with your upstream system and content provider.

  • Implementing pipeline redundancy – You must decide if you want to implement pipeline redundancy—whether you set up a standard channel or a single-pipeline channel. Implementing pipeline redundancy provides resiliency in the channel processing pipeline.

  • Implementing automatic input failover – You must decide if you want to implement automatic input failover. Implementing automatic input failover provides resiliency upstream of the channel, for one of the channel's inputs.