AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Step 5: Create Outputs

Every output group contains one or more outputs. Each output contains the individual video, audio, and captions encodes as well as configuration information for the type of output. For example, it contains configuration information specific to an HLS output.

This section describes how to create and configure the outputs and assumes you have created the output group.

  1. On the Output group panel, the Output section is set up by default with one output. If you need to create more outputs (as determined when you planned the channel, then choose Add Output as many times as required. A new output line is added.

  2. Choose the settings link beside the first output line. The content panel shows the fields for that output. The panel for all output types shows two sections: Output settings and Stream settings. The fields in Output settings are different for each output type. The fields in Stream settings are the same for all output types.

  3. Complete both sections as described below.

  4. When done, go to the next output in this output group. When you have set up all the outputs in the output group, go to the outputs in the next output group.

When you have set up all outputs, go to the next step.