AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Step 6: Set up the Video Encode

The output section for every type of output group (Archive, HLS, Microsoft Smooth, and UDP) contains a Stream settings section. In the Stream settings section, you create "encodes" for the video, audio, and captions in the output and specify the details of how you want these assets encoded.

This section describes how to set up a video encode and assumes you have created the output that will hold the video. Note that the configuration options for a video encode are identical for all output group types.

  1. In the Create channel navigation panel, find the output group (which you have already created).

  2. Under that output group, find the output (which you have already created ) where you want to set up a video encode.

  3. Choose the link for the video encode. The fields for video encoding appear. Complete each field as appropriate. For details on a field, choose the Info link next to the field.

  4. Continue setting up the audio encodes, video encodes, and captions encodes for all outputs in all output groups. When done, go to save the channel.