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Creating a Frame Capture Output Group

Follow these steps if, when you were planning the channel, you determined that you want to include a Frame Capture output group.

A frame capture output lets you capture the video as a series of files, with each file containing one still JPEG image. For example, the output might capture every 10th output frame. You save the files to an Amazon S3 bucket.


You can create only one one frame capture output group in a channel.

To create a Frame Capture output group

  1. On the Create channel page, under Output groups, choose Add. The Add output group section appears.

  2. Choose Frame capture, and then choose Confirm. More sections appear.

  3. Complete the fields as described in Fields for the Frame Capture Group.

  4. After you enter all the information for one output group, you can create another output group if your plan requires it. Otherwise, go to the next step.