AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Creating Actions Using the AWS CLI

When you use the AWS CLI, you can submit requests to create one action or to create several actions. You can also submit requests that combine deleting and creating actions. For more details on these "batch jobs", see How Batch Requests Work.

To insert an action in the schedule(AWS CLI)

  1. On the command line, enter this command:

    aws medialive batch-update-schedule --channel-id value --creates create content

  2. In create content, include the fields for an image overlay:

    For complete details on forming the command, see AWS CLI Command Reference. For complete information on the meaning and values for the fields, see the AWS API Guide.

  3. Press Enter to submit the command. The response appears on the screen. The response repeats the data from the request. If you did not enter an ActionName, AWS Elemental MediaLive generates one and includes it in the response.