Rebooting a MediaLive device - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Rebooting a MediaLive device

You can remotely reboot MediaLive devices from the AWS console. Remote reboots allow you to perform and manage reboots of MediaLive devices without needing physical access to the devices.

To reboot a device

  1. Open the MediaLive console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Devices.

  3. In the Input devices section, go to the card for the MediaLive device that you want to reboot and choose the link.

  4. On the details page for the device, choose Reboot device.

  5. If the device is streaming, you’ll be asked to confirm if you want to reboot the device. All MediaLive channels that use this device will experience a brief loss of input from the device during the reboot. Choose Reboot.

  6. The device will begin rebooting within the next few seconds. When the reboot is complete, the device's connection status will change to Connected. If the device was streaming prior to the reboot, it will resume streaming when the reboot is complete.