AWS Elemental MediaLive
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Dynamic Inputs

You can set up a multiple-input channel with static and dynamic file inputs. You can then use the input switching feature of the channel schedule to switch from one input to another. A static input always connects to the same file. A dynamic input points to a different file each time it is used in an input switch in the schedule.

Using dynamic inputs lets you increase the number of video sources that you can use in the channel, while still observing the limit on the number of inputs that you can attach to the channel.

Only MP4 file inputs that are stored in one of the following locations can be set up as dynamic inputs:

  • Amazon S3

  • AWS Elemental MediaStore

How Dynamic Inputs Work

To set up an input as a dynamic input, you include a variable as all or part of the URL of the file. For example:


You attach the input to the channel when you create the channel.

You set up the schedule to include switch input actions to set up the ingest order for inputs.

For each schedule action that uses a dynamic input, you include a value for the variable portion of the URL. For example:


When the channel switches to this input, it resolves the URL:


The next time you use this input in an input switch action, you might set up the action to resolve the URL to a different path:


Setting Up Dynamic Inputs

For information about planning and creating dynamic inputs, see Input Switching in AWS Elemental MediaLive.