AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Editing and Deleting a Channel

You can edit an existing (saved) channel to change how it processes the input. You can delete a channel that is not running.

Editing a Channel

You can edit any existing channel by editing, adding, or deleting output groups and outputs. You can also edit, add, or delete the channel's video, audio, and caption encodes.


You cannot use the edit feature to change the input associated with an existing channel. Instead, clone the channel and associate a different input.

  1. On the Channels page, choose the radio button beside the channel.

  2. Choose Actions then Edit. The Edit channel page appears. The details on this page are identical to those in Create channel. For information on working with this page, see Creating a Channel from Scratch.

  3. When done, choose Update channel.

    Wait for the channel State to return to Idle before performing another action with this channel.

Deleting a Channel

You can delete a non-running channel from the Channels list or the details view.

To delete a channel

  1. On the Channels page, choose the radio button by the channel name.

  2. If the channel is running, choose Stop.

  3. Choose Delete.