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AWS Elemental Link network diagnostics

All AWS Elemental Link devices can perform network diagnostic testing from the device's on-board user interface. This feature can be used to troubleshoot your device's network configuration, connection to the internet, and ability to stream to AWS.

The network diagnostic test is performed automatically at the device's start up time. You can also perform network diagnostic tests manually, using the device's on-board user interface.

The following tests are available for AWS Elemental Link devices:

  • IP address valid – Test that the configured IP address was successfully applied to the device.

  • Gateway responsive – Test to verify device connectivity to currently configured gateway.

  • DNS resolution – Test to verify hostnames will resolve to each of the configured DNS servers.

  • AWS connectivity – Test to verify a connection can be established between the device and AWS over HTTPS.

  • Time server connectivity – Test of the device's ability to sync the internal time clock using Network Time Protocol (NTP) on port 123.

  • Stream connectivity – Test of the device's ability to send video packets to AWS using port 2088.

In addition to the diagnostics, a network ping tool is available. The network ping tool can be used to ping an IP address from the Link device. This can be used as an additional network testing and troubleshooting step.

The network diagnostics require a connection to the device's on-board user interface. Use the instructions provided in your device's packaging to connect to the user interface. The following procedure describes how to perform a network diagnostic test.

  1. Once you have connected to the device's on-board user interface, locate the navigation pane on the left-hand side.

  2. Select Network Diagnostics.

  3. On the Network Diagnostics page, you will see a list of all previously performed tests. You can select a previous test and use the View test details button to view that previous tests results.

  4. To initiate a new test, select the Run diagnostics test button at the top of the page.

  5. The network diagnostic test will begin. After a few moments, the test will complete.

  6. You will be presented with the Test Information page. This page will list network information about the device and display the Test Results.

  7. The Test Results will either display Test passed or Test failed for each diagnostic. In the event of a Test failed result you will see a reason for the failure and possible troubleshooting step.

  8. You can select the Back button to return to the Network Diagnostics page.