Procedure to create a MediaPackage output group - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Procedure to create a MediaPackage output group

Follow these steps to create a MediaPackage output group and its outputs.

To create a MediaPackage output group and its outputs

  1. On the Create channel page, in the Output groups section, choose Add. The content pane changes to show the Add output group section.

  2. Choose MediaPackage, and then choose Confirm. More sections appear:

    • MediaPackage destination

    • MediaPackage settings

    • MediaPackage outputs–This section shows the single output that is added by default.

  3. In the MediaPackage destination section, for MediaPackage channel ID, enter the channel ID for that channel. You made a note of this ID when you set up the channel on AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

    Enter the channel ID, not the channel ARN. A channel ID is a name you assign, for example, sports-delivery-from-medialive.

  4. (Optional) In the MediaPackage settings section, for Name, enter a name for the output group.

  5. If your plan includes more than one output in this output group, then in MediaPackage outputs, choose Add output to add the appropriate number of outputs.

  6. Choose the first Settings link to view the sections for the first output. The section contains fields for the output streams (the video, audio, and captions).

  7. After you have finished setting up this output group and its outputs, you can create another output group (of any type), if your plan requires it. Otherwise, go to Step 9: Save the channel.