Ways to work with AWS Elemental MediaLive - MediaLive

Ways to work with AWS Elemental MediaLive

Here are three suggestions about how to get started with AWS Elemental MediaLive.

  • Use the workflow wizard to quickly create a functioning channel. See Using the MediaLive workflow wizard.

    The wizard provides a compact user experience and supports some easy and popular input (source) types and output types.

    If you are new to video encoding, the wizard can get you started, and might be all that you need.

    If you are already experienced with video encoding, the wizard lets you quickly create a basic workflow that you can then enhance, using the regular MediaLive console.

  • Follow the tutorial.

    You might follow the wizard to create a workflow, then decide that you need to add more features to the workflow. The tutorial provides an introduction to the basic workings of the MediaLive console.

  • Start designing a workflow, either from scratch, or to enhance the workflow wizard. In this case, you should read the guide, starting with the sections that are prefixed with Setup. These sections provide detailed instructions on designing your workflow, and designing the channel inside that workflow. These sections contain cross references to the remaining sections in the guide.