Working with ID3 metadata - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Working with ID3 metadata

You can include ID3 metadata in Archive outputs, HLS outputs, MediaPackage outputs, and UDP outputs. Typically, you include ID3 metadata in an output if you know that a downstream system expects the data and is capable of interpreting it.

You should obtain the requirements for ID3 metadata from a representative of the downstream system.

When you are creating or editing a channel, you can set up individual outputs in a channel so that ID3 metadata is enabled. The ID3 metadata can come from one or more of the following sources:

  • It can be metadata that is already present in the input.

  • It can be metadata that you add when you create the channel.

  • It can be metadata that you add by creating actions in the schedule.

ID3 metadata is included in the Archive, HLS, MediaPackage, or UDP output according to the specific rules for the output type.