AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Create Caption Selectors

In AWS Elemental MediaLive, extract the desired captions by adding a captions selector in the channel. Each extracted captions asset is contained in one captions selector. For example, one selector contains the Teletext captions in Czech.

To create a caption selector

  1. In the channel that you are creating, in the navigation pane, in Input attachments, choose the input.

  2. For General input settings, choose Add captions selectors.

  3. For Captions selector name, enter a suitable name. For example, Teletext Czech.

  4. For Selector settings, choose the format of the source captions.

  5. For most formats, more fields appear. For details about a field, choose the Info link next to the field. In addition, see extra information on DVB-Sub or SCTE-27, on Embedded, or on Teletext.

  6. Create more captions selectors, as required.