AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Creating a Channel with Multiple Inputs

This section is a supplement to the information in Creating a Channel from Scratch. It provides information that applies specifically to creating a channel that contains multiple input attachments.

Follow the steps for creating a channel, as described in Creating a Channel from Scratch.

Note the following:

  • In the Input specifications section for the channel, set up each option to meet or exceed the most demanding of your inputs.

  • In the Input attachments section for the channel, to attach multiple inputs to the channel, for Input attachments, choose Add once for each input, for up to 20 inputs.

    • From 0 to 2 of those input attachments can be live inputs. One input can be a pull and one a push, or both can be the same.

    • The remainder, up to the maximum, can be file inputs. File inputs are always Pull inputs.

  • Do not include HLS VOD inputs in the channel. MediaLive considers an HLS input to be a VOD input if the Buffer segments field is set to 11 or higher, or 0, or undefined. (To display this field, in General input settings for Network input settings, choose Network input. For HLS input settings, choose Hls input. The Buffer segments fields appears.)

  • The order in which you create the input attachments is not relevant. The order in which the input attachments appear in the Channel page on the console is not relevant. The schedule controls the order that the channel will follow to ingest inputs.

  • In the General input settings section for each Input attachment, set Source end behavior to work correctly. For information, see Handling the Transition When the Next Input is Fixed.

  • In the General input settings section for each Input attachment, set up the Video selector, Audio selectors, and Caption selectors according to the plan that you created when you assessed the sources.

    The setup for video and audio is nearly the same as when the channel has only one input; the only difference is that you set up the video and audio in every input attachment.

    The setup for captions is more complicated. For more information, see Captions in Channels with Multiple Inputs .

  • In each Output group, set up the video, audio, and captions according to the plan that you created when you designed the channel, as described in Planning the Channel.

  • Set up other features of MediaLive as needed.