Plan the action names - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Plan the action names

You should plan the names for the input switch action. Action names must be unique in the schedule for each channel.

For a static input, you might want to name the actions so that they indicate which input applies. For example, for each switch to the input named static-live-studio-feed:

  • static-live-studio-feed-action-1

  • static-live-studio-feed-action-2

  • static-live-studio-feed-action-3

For the input switch action for a dynamic input, you might use the input name (or part of the name) plus the URL (or part of the URL) of the file. For example:

  • dyn-preroll-EN-FR-ES-DE-ad-ward-cars-1

  • dyn-preroll-EN-FR-ES-DE-ad-zel-cafe

  • dyn-preroll-EN-FR-ES-DE-ad-ward-cars-2