Plan the input and input attachment names - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Plan the input and input attachment names

You should plan the names for the input and the input attachment. Here are some tips:

  • Use the same name for the input and input attachments.

  • Include an indicator of whether the entity is static or dynamic.

  • For a static input, include either the name of the video source or a description of the video source.

  • For a dynamic input, include an indicator of its characteristics, which you determined in step 2. Doing so ensures that you do not attach an unsuitable video source when you specify the URI in the input switch action.

For example, for a static input:

  • static-filler

  • static-live-studio-feed

For example, for a dynamic input:

  • dynamic-s3-preroll-bucket-embedded-EN-FR-ES-DE

  • dynamic-s3-preroll-bucket-embedded-FR-ES-DE-EN