Deleting signal maps - MediaLive

Deleting signal maps

If you not longer need a signal map, it can be deleted. If you have monitoring templates deployed on the signal map, the deletion process will ask you to delete any CloudWatch and EventBridge resources that have been deployed to this signal map. Deleting the deployed resources does not affect the templates that created them. This resource deletion is to ensure that you do not have CloudWatch and EventBridge resources that are deployed but not used.

To delete a signal map
  1. From the workflow monitor console's navigation pane, select Signal maps and select the radio button next to the signal map you want to delete.

  2. Select the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the monitoring resources. Select Delete to begin the monitoring resource deletion process.

  3. The Monitor deployment column will display the current status. When the status has changed to DELETE_COMPLETE, select the Delete button again.

  4. You will be asked to confirm deletion of the signal map. Select Delete to proceed and delete the signal map.