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Updating signal maps and underlying resources

If a change is made to your workflow, you might need to rediscover the signal map and redeploy monitoring resources. Workflow monitor is a visualization and monitoring tool that does not have the ability to make any changes to your workflow. Signal maps represent a point-in-time visualization of your workflow. In the event that you add, remove, or significantly modify parts of your media workflow, we recommend that you rediscover the signal map. If you have monitoring resources attached to the signal map, we recommend you redeploy monitoring after the rediscovery process.

To rediscover a signal map
  1. From the workflow monitor console's navigation pane, select Signal maps and select the signal map you want to work with.

  2. Verify that you are in the Configure signal map view. For more information about changing views, see: View signal maps

  3. In the upper-right of the signal map page, select the Actions dropdown menu. Select Rediscover.

  4. You will be presented with the rediscovery screen. Select a resource that is a part of the workflow you are rediscovering. Select the Rediscover button.

  5. The signal map will be rebuilt according to the current workflow. If you need to redeploy monitoring resources, stay on this signal map's page. Any previously attached monitoring templates will remain attached, but will need to be redeployed.

To redeploy monitoring templates after a signal map rediscovery
  1. After the rediscovery, you will be directed to the updated signal map. To redeploy the monitoring templates, select Deploy monitor from the Actions dropdown menu.

  2. You will be asked to confirm the deployment and presented with the number of any CloudWatch and EventBridge resources that will be created. If you would like to proceed, select Deploy.

  3. The status of the deployment is displayed next to the name of the signal map. After a few moments of resource creation and deployment, your signal map monitoring will begin.