Microsoft Smooth output - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Microsoft Smooth output

In a Microsoft Smooth output, MediaLive supports SCTE-35 features as follows:

  • Passthrough of the SCTE-35 messages – Not applicable. SCTE-35 messages are never included in this output.

  • Manifest decoration – Not supported because these outputs don't have manifests. However, you can set up to include instructions in the sparse track.

  • Blanking and blackout – Applicable. Content in the output is blanked or blacked out if the features are enabled at the channel level.

Be careful of setting up so that you have the following combination:

  • You have you have not enabled sparse track.

  • You have not enabled blanking and blackout.

In this case, the video content that was marked by messages (in the input) is not marked (in the output).

  • If you have the rights to that video content, there is no problem setting up this way.

  • If you don't have the rights, it is impossible to find these blanks and blackouts programmatically in a Microsoft Smooth output.